Start-ups weigh benefits of corporate incubators
Nature Biotechnology, March 2008
Profile: Doug Cameron 
Nature Biotechnology, November 2007
Tracking down tissues
Nature Biotechnology, November 2007
Industry waits for fallout from Cabilly
Nature Biotechnology, July 2007
Will the current biofuels boom go bust?
Nature Biotechnology, May 2007
News brief: BIO global conference
Nature Biotechnology, July 2007
Profile: Ken Catania; Mole man gets the MacArthur
Seed (online), October 19, 2006

An eye on: Mony de Leon
Nature Medicine, July 2006
The body snatchers
Nature Medicine, May 2006
Profile: Robert Tjian
Nature Medicine, March 2006
Biotech entrepreneur, educate thyself
Bioentrepreneur, December 15, 2005
Biotech on Fashion Island?
Bioentrepreneur, December 1, 2005
Nanobiotech booster shots
Bioentrepreneur, November 3, 2005
News brief: Cabilly patent invalidated
Nature Biotechnology, November, 2005

selected stories
News brief: Four rebuffs for Cabilly
Nature Biotechnology, April 2008
Alternatives to ebay for the eco set
Plenty (online), April 14, 2008
Leasing the ocean for wind harvesting
Plenty (online), May 12, 2008
News brief: Biofuels, take two
Nature Biotechnology, July 2008
Distinguishing green ecotourism operations
Plenty (online), July 23, 2008
News brief: Cabilly patent finale
Nature Biotechnology, August, 2008
An infamous intellectual property battle ended when Genentech and MedImmune settled a lawsuit over the validity of Genentech’s Cabilly 2 patent, a basic method for producing therapeutic antibodies. The patent remains valid, allowing Genentech to continue reaping steep royalties from its licensees.
Do biomaterials really mean business?
Nature Biotechnology, August 2008
Western biotechs ponder follow-on possibilities
Nature Biotechnology, September 2008

News brief: Startups lure oil giants
Nature Biotechnology, September 2008
Genetically manipulating algae for fuel
Plenty (online), September 18, 2008
News brief: Plant biotech bonanza
Nature Biotechnology, October, 2008
Offshore wind may power the future
Scientific American (online), October 20, 2008
Feature: Biotech's green gold
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2009
News brief: Plant genomics land big prizes
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2009
News brief: FDA goes public-friendly
Nature Biotechnology, February, 2009
Generic biologic drugs aren't yet permitted in the US, but several North American biotech companies are ramping up preparations to be the first to produce such drugs for the US market. 
Stuffed into the US stimulus package is a provision that biotech companies fear will allow the federal government to restrict patients’ access to approved drugs.
People dying from a terminal illness have the right to buy experimental drugs from companies before the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved them, a US federal appeals court ruled in May.
A multiple sclerosis drug yanked off the market last year is on track to return, prompting some experts to say it should perhaps not have been withdrawn in the first place. 
Some companies making fuel from algae are misleading the public and investors about their capabilities. This story exposes the junk science in the algal biofuels industry.    
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a new program intended to encourage companies to develop treatments for the neglected diseases of developing countries.
The federal government is about to open up to wind energy development vast swaths of deep ocean waters. New Jersey is vying to be the first to seize the new frontier. 
Three start-up biotech companies in January began their lives under the shelter of corporate incubators built by Biogen Idec and Pfizer. The incubators offer a stable beginning for fledgling companies, but the start-ups must be willing to pay the ultimate price: the parents provide space, expertise and capital in exchange for acquisition rights after two to three years.
Conscientious consumers might look for the organic label when buying milk and the Fair Trade logo when purchasing coffee, but finding a certified ecotourism operation for your next vacation isn’t so straightforward.
New online marketplaces offer everything from home biodiesel processors to reclaimed lumber.
Consolidation in the young biofuel industry illustrates a trend of moving away from first-generation biofuels derived from food crops such as corn, sugarcane and oilseed, and toward the next generation, made from more plentiful lignocellulosic feedstocks such as corn stover, grasses and wood chips.
News brief: Cellulosic ethanol stimulus
Nature Biotechnology, April, 2009
Genentech's Cabilly victory
Nature Biotechnology, April, 2009
A four-year battle over one of the most ubiquitous patents in biotech ended with the US patent office siding with Genentech.
Hurdles in Hungary
Forced into entrepreneurialism by Hungary's transition from socialism to a free-market economy, Hungarian scientist Gyorgy Keri founded one of his country's first biotech companies.
Spanish Spin-offs
Of all the things that a city could be known for, a solid supply of human-tissue samples is the least sexy. But it is this feature that has helped make Barcelona a hub for biotech start-up companies focused on cancer.
Mexico's manufacturing move
For as long as the biotechnology industry has been around, Mexico has required international drug makers who want to sell their products there to manufacture them there too. That has changed, thanks to new rules that have left some Mexican experts a little uneasy. 
Cellulose in Campinas
New ethanol projects in Brazil signal the country's shift from sugarcane to cellulosic sources of fuel.
Hungry for GM crops
Scientific American Worldview, May, 2009
Scientists' attempts to bring biotech crops to hungry people have been thwarted by regulations. Here's the story of Dennis Gonsalves' failed attempt to save Thailand's papaya.
News brief: Algae Trailblazer Shuts 
Nature Biotechnology, July, 2009
Nature, September 3, 2009
Scientists who suggest that biotech crops might harm the environment attract a hail of abuse from other scientists. Are the critics fighting fair?
Scum Artists
Mother Jones, October, 2009
Some companies making fuel from algae have promised impossible amounts of oil based on speculation, raising millions from unwitting investors. 
Under Wraps
Nature Biotechnology, October, 2009
The seed industry’s strong-arm tactics and close-fisted attitude may be holding back independent research and public acceptance of biotech food.
Roger Beachy Q&A
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2010
President Obama chose Roger Beachy, head of the Danforth Plant Science Center, to run the newly created National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Waltz talks to Beachy about his plans for the agency.
Frankenfoods that could feed the world
Discover, January 19, 2010
An online photo essay of seven genetically modified crops designed to help world's neediest.
Argentine farmers seek sustainable agriculture certification
Scientific American Worldview, May, 2010
Tough weeds threaten biotech crops, report says
Nature Biotechnology, June, 2010
Waltz visits Argentine farmer to discuss his plan to recognize growers who practice sustainable agriculture. 
Weeds are becomming increasingly resistant to major herbicides and threatening the effectiveness of herbicide-tolerant crops.
Censorship of science
Nature, October 14, 2010
Monsanto strikes deal with USDA crop scientists
Nature Biotechnology, October, 2010
DNA not patentable, says Department of Justice
Nature Biotechnology, December, 2010
USDA okays GM alfalfa
Nature Biotechnology, March, 2011
Biotech lawn grass bypasses USDA oversight
Nature Biotechnology, September, 2011
Cold-tolerant trees win
Nature Biotechnology, December, 2011
Medical device maker under investigation
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2012
Tiptoeing around transgenics
Nature Biotechnology, March, 2012
New techniques for manipulating plant genomes are yielding plants touted as nontransgenic and may bypass federal regulations.
1000 Genomes on Amazon's Cloud
Nature Biotechnology, May, 2012
An in-depth look at a Chinese manufacturer of biobutanal and long chain diacids
Newsmaker: Cathay Industrial Biotech
Nature Biotechnology, June, 2012
A Modern Green Revolution
Scientific American Worldview, June, 2012
White House Plan Reveals Support for Biotech
Nature Biotechnology, July, 2012
Investors Boost Canadian Biotech Startups
Nature Biotechnology, August, 2012
How I Quantified Myself
IEEE Spectrum, September, 2012
Can self-measurement tools help us live healthier and better lives? Waltz wears five such gadgets for two months in an attempt to find out.
How sedentary office workers, anxious parents and obsessive data geeks are using health and fitness trackers
GM Sugar Beets Get USDA Approval
Nature Biotechnology, October, 2012
Reading and Writing a Book With DNA
IEEE Spectrum August, 2012
Bacterial Shield for Seeds
Nature Biotechnology, November, 2012
Algal Biofuels Questioned
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2013
The author observes experiments in which researchers stimulate the spinal cord of a paralyzed man to help him stand on his own. 
Sowing Solutions: addressing global hunger through agbiotechnology
Scientific American Worldview 2013
Profiles of three agbiotech experts who have worked to address global hunger through agbiotech.
Rafina Yasmin Othman
A scientist steps out of her comfort zone to help her country succeed
Adrian Dubock
The manager who found a way for his seed corporation to develop a humanitarian crop and give it away for free
Clive James
The go-to source for biotech crop data
GM Crop Protection Act Fizzles
Nature Biotechnology, November 2013
Perrigo Buys Elan, Gains Irish Domicile
Nature Biotechnology, November 2013
Take Two Apps and Call Me in the Morning
IEEE Spectrum, January, 2014
BlueStar, the first prescription-only app. 
Mesoblast acquires Osiris' Stem Cell Business
Nature Biotechnology, December, 2013
Beating the Heat
Nature Biotechnology, July, 2014
The search for drought-tolerant crops.
Agricultural Espionage
Nature Biotechnology, July, 2014
Employees of a Chinese seed company charged with consipring to steal trade secrets from Monsanto, Pioneer.
Super Bananas
Nature Biotechnology, September, 2014
The first human trial of a GM nutritionally enhanced banana is set to begin in the U.S.
New Probes Replace Surgeon's Sense of Touch
IEEE Spectrum, January 22, 2014
Laparoscopic pressure sensors make 3-D maps of tumors.
Free medical advice by smartphone: effective? safe? legal? Emily tried it out using a set of symptoms her son had.
USDA Approves Next-Generation Potato 
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2015
J.R. Simplot to commercialize first genetically modified non-browning potato. Spuds would be the only GM potato on the market.
Engineers of Scent
Nature Biotechnology, April, 2015
Companies exploring biotech approaches to flavor and fragrance production must navigate public perception and market challenges.
Genetically Modified Apple Cleared for Market
Nature Biotechnology, Bioentrepreneur, March 30, 2015
Q&A with Biotech Billionaire Randal J. Kirk
Nature Biotechnology, October, 2015
A Facelift for Biotech Rules Begins
Nature Biotechnology, December, 2015
GM Salmon Declared Fit for Dinner Plates 
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2016
Drugs Go Wireless
Nature Biotechnology, January, 2016
GM Mosquitoes Fire First Salvo Against Zika Virus
Nature Biotechnology, March 1, 2016
Seed Spy Pleads Guilty
Nature Biotechnology, March 2016
The Dial-a-Drug Machine
IEEE Spectrum, March 31, 2016
US Reviews Plan to Infect Mosquitoes with Bacteria to Stop Disease 
Nature, May 24, 2016
Lab mosquitoes carrying Wolbachia could stop spread of Zika, Dengue
Sloppy Spinal Stimulation Studies Scrutinized
IEEE Spectrum, August 18, 2016
A Spark at the Periphery
Nature Biotechnology, September 8, 2016
Devices that electrically stimulate the peripheral nervous system come to the fore.
Bayer Bids $66 Million for Monsanto
Nature Biotechnology, October 11, 2016
Controlling a Hand Exoskeleton With Your Mind 
IEEE Spectrum, December 7, 2016
Human Cells Eat Nanowires 
IEEE Spectrum, December 19, 2016
After Theranos
Nature Biotechnology, January 10, 2017
The implosion of blood diagnostics developer Theranos has raised the question: What is feasibly detectible in a drop of blood? 
Computer Diagnoses Skin Cancers
IEEE Spectrum, January 25, 2017
Clockwork Heart
IEEE Spectrum, January 11, 2017
Swiss researchers harness the heart's energy using one of their most famous inventions: the watch. 
Sparking Memories With Electrical Stimulation
IEEE Spectrum, April 20, 2017
Amoeba-Like Robot Programmed With DNA
IEEE Spectrum, March 7, 2017
Digital Farming Attracts Cash to Agtech Startups
Nature Biotechnology, May 9, 2017
A Colonoscopy Robot and Other Weird Tech
IEEE Spectrum, June 14, 2017
When Pig Organs Will Fly
Nature Biotechnology, December 8, 2017
Magnetic Field Controls Drug Delivery
IEEE Spectrum, November 20, 2017
Light-Up Pajamas Treat Babies with Jaundice
IEEE Spectrum, November 8, 2017
Internet Addiction Creates Imbalance in the Brain
IEEE Spectrum, November 30, 2017
A Wearable Chip to Predict Seizures
IEEE Spectrum, December 6, 2017
Was a Sonic Weapon Deployed in Cuba?
IEEE Spectrum, December 13, 2017
Moving Blood Tests from Labs to the Consumer
IEEE Spectrum, January 9, 2018
Smart Contact Lens Doubles as Blood-Sugar Monitor 
IEEE Spectrum, January 24, 2018
Measuring Free Will of Bungee Jumpers
IEEE Spectrum, February 1, 2018
Microbots Deliver Stem Cells to the Body
IEEE Spectrum, June 29, 2018
Driver's Licenses Go Digital
IEEE Spectrum, May 4, 2018
Wearable Brain Scanner
IEEE Spectrum, March 21, 2018
New Smartphone Sensor Checks Blood Pressure
IEEE Spectrum, March 7, 2018
Prosthetic Skin to Sense Wind, Rain, and Ants
IEEE Spectrum, September 20, 2018
Why Alphabet's Glucose Sensor Failed
IEEE Spectrum, November 29, 2018
Louisiana Adopts Digital Driver's Licenses
IEEE Spectrum, December 13, 2018
Edible cottonseed? Yes please, says USDA
Nature Biotechnology, December 6, 2018
Asexual Crops to Change Hybrid Seed Production
Nature Biotechnology, February 4, 2019
Hey, Siri: Read My Lips
IEEE Spectrum, February 8, 2019
Bionic Hands Let Amputees to Feel and Grip
IEEE Spectrum, February 22, 2019
Scientists Control CRISPR With Light
IEEE Spectrum, April 3, 2019
Biotech Foods With Health Benefits
Nature Biotechnology, April 30, 2019
Korea's New 5G Futuristic Hospital
IEEE Spectrum, May 3, 2019