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Emily guest blogs for IEEE Spectrum, a tech magazine. She also tweets tech, biotech and agriculture news from @emwaltz

IEEE Spectrum blog posts:
Artificial Leaf Developer Won't be Raking it In (5/24/12)
Wearable Brain Scanner Tells Your Computer When You're Overwhelmed (5/17/12)
Middle-ear Microphone Could Restore Hearing (5/3/12)
Electronic Pacifier Teaches Preemie Babies to Eat (5/22/12)
World's Largest Dataset on Human Genetic Variation Goes Public (3/29/12)
Device Would Power Pacemaker with Heartbeats (3/20/12)
Scientists Build Vascular Network with 3-D Printer (7/2/12)
Simple EEG Might Help Spot Autism in Children (6/28/12)
Texting and Driving: We're Really Bad at it (7/24/12)
Ice-free Arctic Would Prompt Expoitation (9/12/12)
Data Scientist: Sexiest Job of Our Time (9/27/12)
First 3D Map of Antarctic Sea Ice's Underside (10/17/12)
Using the Inner Ear's Biological Battery (11/8/12)
Jellyfish-Inspired Microchip Captures Cancer Cells (11/13/12)
Brain Model Connects Neurons to Behavior (11/29/12)
Disney's Whispering Finger (9/11/13)
Brain Stimulation Improves Paralyzed Rats' Gait (10/23/13)
Electric Device That Tells You When To Pee (11/7/13)
A Hearing Device with No External Hardware (2/11/14)
Spine Stimulation Helps Paralyzed People Regain Movement (4/9/14)
Lasers Switch Bad Memories to Good in Mice (8/27/14)
Computer-mediated Telepathy (9/4/14)
A Prescription for Drug Companies on Social Media (1/14/15)
Fighting Ebola with Simulations and Algorithms  (1/15/15)
Organic Electronics Deliver Pain Canceling Molecules  (5/8/15)
Fail: Computerized CDS Systems for Medical Imaging (6/2/15)
Powered Prosthetic Legs Work Better by Tracking EMG  (6/9/15)
Bummer: No Evidence That Anti-Depression Apps Work  (10/15/15)
How to Design A Robot You Can Swallow  (11/12/15)
Wrist Wearable Wins Alcohol Biosensor Contest  (5/19/16)
US Track Cycling Team Training For Olympics with Smart Shades  (6/2/16)
Wearable Device Tracks Tricks in Freestyle Snowboarding  (6/28/16)
Sensor Monitors Kids' Screen Time  (11/8/16)
Electrode Vest Maps Heart's Electrical System  (2/9/17)
DIY Lego Robot Brings Lab Automation to Students  (3/22/17)
IBM, Intel, Stanford Bet on AI to Speed Up Disease Diagnosis (4/5/17)
Scientists Store Video Data in the DNA of Living Organisms (7/12/17)
Complex Biological Computer Commands Living Cells (7/26/17)
Handheld Mass Spectrometry Pen Identifies Cancer in Seconds (9/6/17)
Fighting Drug-Resistant Superbugs With Light-Activated Nanoparticles (10/4/17)